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Dave Dussault, our host, started Cooking Something Good with the simple idea of wanting a better foodie show to listen to. After a long and difficult first year, Dave and the team finally got comfortable, now they couldn't be more excited to bring you even more great content.


Watch a quick clip about ribs!

Behind-the-scenes video and more

Clips and video in general is a huge priority for Cooking Something Good going into the future. We have a few behind the scenes as well as fully edited videos for you to enjoy, with many more on the way.


Listen as Dave sits down to chat with the genius behind La Maison Navarre, Victor Navarre.

Interview with Victor NavarreCooking Something Good
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Recipies from the show

Recipes from the team at Cooking Something Good can be found here! Our team picked out their favorite family recipes and put them here for you.

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